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2. Januar 2013

Silvester Snack Part 1

In diesem Jahr habe ich Silvester zu Hause bei meiner Familie mit einer sehr lieben Freundin von mir verbracht. Sie ist diejenige, die ich schon vor einiger Zeit ansprach, ob sie nicht Lust hätte ab und zu einen Guestpost bei mir zu veröffentlichen. Und nun ist es soweit, der erste Post von Sophia steht in seinen Startlöchern und wartet darauf, von euch gelesen zu werden.

This year I decided to celebrate the New Years eve at my parents home, with them and my very special friend Sophia. She is the one I asked for a guestpost some time ago. And now the time has come to reveal her first post in life. I am very proud of having her as my friend.

picture by Sophia

"Today, you might be surprised that it is not Sarah who is blogging. Sarah belongs to my closest friends and I felt quite honoured when she asked me to write a guest post on her blog. It’s going to be a small post, but a post- finally!

If someone would ask me where else I do feel incredibly comfy, it would be the house of Sarah’s parents. It is a lovely country house with warm and welcoming people living in it. This year we celebrated New Years Eve there and I was looking forward to it. And as a good guest, I thought it might be nice to bring some food for the massive meal we were having. I brought three different homemade varieties of butter - tomato butter, typical herb-BBQ butter and mango butter. And that certain mango butter is a real personal tip and turned out as the climax of pleasure. The best about it- it is so easy to make.

picture by Sophia

For ca. 6 persons you need:

• 1 piece of Butter
• ½ garlic clove (or more if you fancy)
• 4-5 teaspoons of Mango chutney
• a pinch of salt

First of all make sure that the butter is at room temperature, so it will be easier to mix. Then put the garlic clove through the garlic press. Add 4-5 teaspoons of mango chutney and also a pinch of salt. Then whisk thoroughly, either with a proper mixer or a fork. I prefer using a mixer though because it is less effort.
I recommend trying the butter after you mixed it because usually a bit of salt or chutney or even garlic is missing, but I am sure you will find out yourself.
You can hand the butter with Ciabatta bread, baguette or even try it on a good piece of meat. It is amazing.
We put the butter in a little fancy bowl and decorated it with dried lavender which gave a beautiful contrast to the yellow butter. I hope you will enjoy it, as much as we did.

Sophia xxx "

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